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LAWS2160 - Administrative Law

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Not all decisions have a specialist tribunal to review External Review (Second Stage) - AAT (allowed under enabling Act that allows decision) Not all decisions are reviewable by the AAT. Ombudsman - Alternative avenue separate from above. Note Ombudsman discretion regarding undertaking reviews unless other mechanisms exhausted (s 6 Ombudsman Act (Cth) 1976). Standing (AAT) An application for review can be made 'by or on behalf of any person, including the Commonwealth or an authority of the Commonwealth, whose interests are affected by a decision.' (s 27 AAT Act (Cth)) The phrase relates to an interest a person has in the decision other than as a member of the general public or as a person who believes a particular type of conduct should be prevented or a particular law observed (Re Control Investment Pty Ltd and Australian Broadca...

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